Best London Startups of 2021

Best London Startups of 2021

After corona dies down the scale up world is expected to boom again now and with areas like blockchain creating whole new concepts to contribute to the world’s economy there’s no doubt that Tech as a category is growing.

best london startups london startups

It’s a fast moving world particularly in the blockchain category and there’s a massive difference in funding levels between say wellness startups and fintech so the list is a little imbalanced in terms of funding metrics but it does give a good idea of general scaleups making progress

So to help you keep track of some of the players and shakers here’s a link to our sister site Rainmakrr which tracks the best

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Rainmakrr lists the best businesses in each digital category such as tech pr agencies and marketing agencies and focussing on uk startups from fintech uk companies to venture capital firms to blockchain startups as well as publishing tech guides covering data room providers and other specialist categories.

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