Head of Business Operations at Wintermute

About Wintermute

Wintermute’s mission is to enable, empower and advance the truly decentralized world for more transparent and efficient markets and products.

As part of this mission we are incubating a new decentralized trading protocol that will significantly improve the experience of trading on DeFi. The product will be publicly announced in June 2022.

Wintermute is one of the largest algorithmic trading firms in digital assets globally. We manage billions in assets and trade more than $5B+/day across dozens of different trading platforms. Wintermute provides liquidity algorithmically across most CeFi and DeFi exchanges and via OTC. Wintermute was one of the earliest adopters of DeFi and is a big supporter of decentralized finance. We are widely known to be one of the largest and most advanced liquidity providers in DeFi. We support all major DEX, trading platforms, AMMs, RFQs, aggregators and we work with most major chains. Wintermute is an official market maker for many of the most prominent blockchain projects and we actively support the DeFi ecosystem: we invest in and help scale early stage DeFi projects, we actively participate in governance of various protocols and cooperate with projects of building the missing pieces of the ecosystem. 

Working for the DeFi protocol

Head of Business Operations will be responsible for growing the protocol from 0 to 1, to become one of the largest protocols in its vertical.  You will be responsible for setting up and scaling all major business aspects of the business and closely working with the rest of the star team to deliver a super ambitious and exciting roadmap. . We are looking for an experienced operator  who is able to quickly and reliably act on all of the initiatives, set up related processes and scale operations. The role can expand based on the candidate’s experience and ambition – there is no limit set by the company! You should have the ability to do anything yourself and hire a team to support if and when required

Some key responsibilities and projects are described below:

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