Senior Software Engineer (Backend) at BlockFi

BlockFi is looking for Senior Software Engineers to join our growing team!

About the Engineering Org

We’re building the products and platform that powers our business. Our teams are globally remote, working across different time zones and regions. Engineers at BlockFi are pragmatic problem solvers that are excited to tackle some of the most interesting challenges in the Crypto-FinTech arena. Our platform teams are designing and implementing highly available, reliable, resilient, and secure services at global scale in Go, Elixir, and Rust.

Your Mission

As a Senior Software Engineer, you will lead the development of features and mid-sized projects, identify and define problems, design and implement technical solutions, and mentor and teach more junior engineers. We are looking for proactive, collaborative, and adaptive engineers who have real world distributed systems experience at scale.


Work with diverse stakeholders to ensure our systems are built for availability, reliability, resilience, scalability, performance, and security from the ground up.
Write design proposals and review proposals from other engineers. Ensure tradeoffs are clearly and publicly documented, and that designs are aligned with business goals.

Deliver and Own Solutions:

Responsible for creating and executing on plans and designs end to end: estimating, prototyping, implementing, testing, maintaining, debugging, and supporting high-quality software in production.
Work with stakeholders to understand and document both functional and quality attribute requirements.
Adhere to quality standards through cross-team communication, mentoring, code review, and backlog grooming.
Accountable for system availability and monitoring system health; ensure alerts, metrics, and runbooks are in place; and debug issues in production.


Quickly learn new tools and technologies, develop an understanding of existing systems, and identify and tackle high impact work.
Proactively seek to learn about the company, products, processes, and culture. Align technical decisions with business goals.

Your Expertise

Technical Breadth as well as Depth in Several Areas: 5+ years of industry experience working with, designing, and building distributed systems at scale.
Technical Ownership: Experience owning software systems end-to-end, designing, estimating, implementing, testing, maintaining, debugging, and supporting high-quality software in production.
Communication: Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.
Collaboration: Empathetic and does the legwork required for building consensus. Always seeks out feedback on technical designs, solutions, and code.
Initiative and focus on outcomes: Works independently and takes initiative while maintaining transparency and collaboration. Can deliver high quality solutions without assistance. Proactively identifies problems and comes to conversations with possible solutions.
Adaptive: Ability and motivation to quickly learn new languages, technologies and tools. Pragmatic bias toward outcomes, and technical decisions that solve real business problems.

Your Perks:

We benefit from the great work our employees do each day. That is why we are committed to providing a variety of awesome benefits to help them live their best lives.

Competitive salary because we value your experience and expertise
Unlimited vacation / sick days because everyone deserves time for R&R
Employer contribution towards health coverage (including vision & dental) because your physical health and well-being is important to us
Various fringe benefits such as Pension Fund, Parental Leave, and Employee Assistance Programs because health coverage is more than just choosing your yearly plan
Flexible work environment because we are a geographically dispersed team and we believe in balance
A close-knit team of enthusiastic, collegial and driven people to work alongside because teamwork makes the dreamwork

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